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 Aquatech Environmental
Aquatech Environmental Systems provides innovative products and services to aerate and revitalize water bodies in a variety of applications. Aquatech is a Canadian company that operates from Vancouver Island. 
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Aeration of Water Bodies 
The question of whether or not to use aeration or other methods to revitalize your water systems  is only one of the questions that needs to be answered. Aquatech staff review your specific needs and help you find the right solution for your water quality. 
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Product Applications and Case Studies
Proper aeration of a water body can significantly increase its ability to support a working balance between vegetation and animal. However, each application may have its unique requirements. Aquatech applies their experience  and technology to a variety of situations as seen in the case studies. 
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Natural water quality improvement is largely dependent on teams of beneficial microorganisms. Check out Bacta-Pur products.                             Learn more ...


Aquatech Products

Flexible fine bubble aeration tubing is shown to be the most effective type of aeration. Aquatechs' products meets all standards.
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Aeration systems ... fountains, fine bubble, coarse bubble, injection, agitation ... which works the best.
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Dugouts and clean water

Learn how Aquatech can address your dugout water quality needs. more...




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